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This is a work-at-your-own pace type class. You can take as long as you want and start whenever you want. It is VERY flexible!

Proverbs 31 Wife Class #proverbs31 #marriage #onlineclass #webclass #biblestudyThis is such a powerful study for Christian wives. The author wants to make sure that each woman who does this study gets the most out of it! This is where the class was born!

The Proverbs 31 Wife Web Class is a work-at-your-own-pace course based on the Proverbs 31 Wife Handbook.

The book is NOT included with class fee.

If you already have the print or digital versions, then you are good to go after you register. However, if you do not have the book, you can grab the digital version on Amazon, nook, or many other venues here. If you prefer the PRINT version, send an email here, and you can get it for a special flat rate of $11 with free shipping to the Continental US with the fun (no discounted) purchase of class.

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The 411 On the Class:

The class can be 4 weeks long if done daily, or as long as 6 months if done one week at a time. The book has a study for each verse from Proverbs 31:10-31. Some people prefer to read one verse per day and do that day’s study; while others prefer to take one verse per week, and mull it all over. Regardless, this class is for any wife–no matter how busy since it can be done at their desired pace. NO pressure.

You will be able to….

  • Work at your own pace. You do not have to worry. Everything will be available for you in the members area to use at your own pace. As mentioned above, you can do this study every day for 26 days, or you can choose to do one day each week, and take 6 months–or more! It is up to you. NO pressure.
  • Each lesson has a special video lesson and corresponding PDF.
  • Lifetime membership to our special Facebook prayer/support class members only group.
  • Live chats with the author in our special Facebook group.
  • You can post questions for the author, or for feedback from other members (wives like you). You can also post prayer requests there as well.

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About the Author:

Author, Lara VelezLara is a wife, mom, homeschooler, published author, ministry leader, speaker, and supreme multi-tasker! She is honest and forthright in her writing, and shares her heart, struggles, joys, pains, and the many lessons she has learned on her journey–in a relatable way that pulls no punches.

She is also the founder of several blogs, including the very popular: MomsofFaith.com and RealChristianWives.com

God has given her a heart for Christian women and mothers, and has called her to equip them reach their full potential in Christ. Her desire is to help Christian women through her writing, devotionals, mentoring, discipleship and by speaking God’s Word into their lives.

Besides all that, she is a chauffeur, friend, maid, chef, business owner, lover, confidant, mentor, teacher, seeker, nurse, boo-boo kisser, cat lover, coffee drinker, Starbucks follower, Mexican food addict, jean loving, sometimes loud mouth, opinionated, outspoken, web designer, iphone carrier, a teensy bit anal retentive, chocoholic, Survivor fan, Bible believing, animal lover, reptile and crawly things hating, speed walking, honest, working her way back to skinny jeans, and… One heck of a strong woman! (Among other things)

Click Here for her powerful personal testimony!

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If you have any questions, please contact the author here.

I STRONGLY believe that this will be the beginning of a marriage saving revolution in this world! If we, as wives, would humble ourselves before our God and seek His face about how WE should be as wives, we will be astounded by what God can and I believe WILL do!!! – Lara


  1. This summer will be 7 wonderful years!

  2. Is this offer only open to UK residents? I’m from the UK

    • You will need to purchase book and class separately. The special discount is only for Continental US. However, class is open to anyone. :) The fee just needs to just be paid separately.


    Hi, are you able to confirm whether or not my transaction went through. I signed up, gave my credit card number, but a the checkout, the “place your order now” button is not in bold but faded not allowing me to place the order. I want so badly to register and get my book. HELP!! PLEASE!!

    • It is most likely the browser or maybe you need to clear cache/cookies. :) Try with a different browser. If that does not work, than I would suggest clearing your cache and cookies. I am sorry for the inconvenience… I look forward to meeting you in the class! :)

  4. Paula Longstreet says

    I would need help financially,as not getting child support at moment & having a little bit of a rough time financially. if its at all possible to still be sponsored,otherwise it is ok. thank you.

  5. Oh this sounds great! I’ve just got to decide which time works best for me! thanks for this opportunity!!!

  6. Jackieline Smith says

    Is this class only 20 dollars?

  7. Brenda Vaughn says

    I just listened to the first class on the web and she really made a lot of sense about calling God, Daddy.
    I didn’t realize this until I was taking a Hebrew language course and they said they the Jewish people call Him
    Father, in the way that we would call ours Dad or Daddy. It said that that is what the word Abba meant. I can understand this now that I know our God is someone who cares for us and looks out for us. He isn’t someone
    to just “pray” to. Thank you for this course as I hope I do learn more from it.


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