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Proverbs 31 Wife HandbookOur print version is complete with a daily study guide to help you get the most out of this Bible Study.

This is a daily devotional of Proverb’s 31:10-31 tailor made for Christian wives. It is an easy to follow study that explains how to be a “Proverbs 31 Wife” in today’s culture. It is an in-depth study that is to be taken one day at a time for over three weeks of study. Each day you will discover something new about God’s plan for you as a wife and woman. You are sure to learn things you never knew about the Proverbs 31 woman and what it means for you as a Christian wife in today’s relationally dissatisfied world!

Note: There is also the option of doing it as a group. This way will take longer, but will be impacting in a different way since you will have the benefit of peer support. If you would like to do this study with your church, women’s groups, etc, please contact us for leader guide and group pricing info!


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  1. Amie McCoy says

    I was going to order today but I can’t pay with Paypal :( I don’t like putting small purchases on my credit card. Any chance that you’ll be allowing Paypal payments in future?

    • Unfortunately, we do not use pay pal. I am pretty certain we never will again. Too many issues. You can, however, use the Pay Pal debit/credit card if you have one for your account. Otherwise, the only other option would be to send a payment via snail mail? I do not want to make that a habit with this though…it could get out of hand! LOL

      • Paula Longstreet says

        I ordered your new book & I accidently missed a word in my email so I sent the wrong email. The correct email is Can you sent invoice or tracking there? Thank you & sorry! Cant wait to get it! Paula Longstrreet

  2. Nwachukwu Juliet says

    I want a copy of Proverbs 31 wife handbook. I am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria. Do you have distributors in Nigeria or how can i get a copy.


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