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Proverbs 31 Wife Handbook

This is a daily devotional of Proverb’s 31:10-31 tailor made for Christian wives. It is an easy to follow study that explains how to be a “Proverbs 31 Wife” in today’s culture. It is an in-depth study that is to be taken one day at a time for over three weeks of study. Each day you will discover something new about God’s plan for you as a wife and woman. You are sure to learn things you never knew about the Proverbs 31 woman and what it means for you as a Christian wife in today’s relationally dissatisfied world!

Note: There is also the option of doing it as a group. This way will take longer, but will be impacting in a different way since you will have the benefit of peer support. If you would like to do this study with your church, women’s groups, etc, please contact us for leader guide and group pricing info!

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  1. Tracy Townsend says

    Can you let me know when this becomes available in apple i book
    Thank You Tracy

  2. Emily Lobensteinq says

    Is there a hard copy of any of this available for purchase?
    All I have is my phone and it is quite hard to read on a small screen.


    • Print copies will be available at some point… Just no ETA at this time…You can always get the PDF version and print it out though! :)

  3. Sheri Fishbaugher says

    I would love to get the hardcopy of all three of the books/workbooks/studyguide… I have a hard time looking at the computer or little readers for any length of time. I hope they come out soon!!!

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