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About the Study Guide:

This is a workbook that goes hand in hand with the Proverbs 31 Wife Handbook EBOOK. It is set up to go with EACH DAY’S ebook devotional. It provides many opportunities for growth, deeper study, self reflection, and daily love actions to be done for your husband to further implement what is being taught from the devotional book. It really is vital if you want to get the most out of the book!

If you would like to purchase the ebook version of workbook/study guide, it is by donation. Whatever you feel led to give. Let us know here, and we will send you author’s Pay Pal email.

NOTE: workbook/study guide is INCLUDED in print version!

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  1. Hi,
    Do you know about how long/when the workbook will be available in print?

  2. Hello,
    I would really like to purchase this, but when I click on the ‘buy now’ button I get an error page that says, “Oops…
    The checkout you are looking for could not be found.”
    Any information I could get about how to purchase would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Danielle Strunk says

    Is this book still available? I am reading the devotional and love it, but would like this study guide to dig deeper and get the most out of it. When I click to buy it, it says it’s no longer available.

  4. Trying to buy the study guide but I keep getting an error message. Is this guide available?

  5. Gena P. Glover says

    Looking forward to this amazing study and to see God’s amazing work in my marriage ????

  6. Gena P Glover says

    You’re check out will not allow me to buy the study guide

  7. Tifani Evangelist says

    Is this still available? The link did not work.

  8. Is this download still available?

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