Mommy Syndrome

In Genesis 2:18 God defined our roles as wives with the words “help meet.” However, many of us struggle with a problem that I like to call: Mommy Syndrome. Mommy Syndrome is when the wife takes on the role of Mother to her husband. Unfortunately, this occurs many times with no objection from the husband. He develops an “Ahab” mentality–apathetic.

Let’s compare Mother and Help Meet

A Mother

Shows dominance
Makes rules
Expects obedience

A Mother also has a husband who asks her permission to do things. While yes, we should make decisions together—a man should not be asking his wife permission. It should be more of a “considering of her”, than a role of “asking Mommy” if he can do something.

When a wife acts like a Mother she is emasculating her man–a very sad thing that should never be.

A Help Meet

Puts her husband’s needs first
Is gentle in spirit

A Helpmeet is submitted to God and understands her role and seeks God’s Will above her own in all things related to her husband and role as a wife.

Is it easy to be a helpmeet? No way! I am a very strong and opinionated woman. I often struggle with Mothering my husband. It seems hilarious to me that God wants me of all people to write a course like this. I am by no means a perfect wife. I fail far too often. This study is not only to encourage and help you, my dear sisters, but myself as well. Let us walk this journey together…

Men do not need their wives to be Mothers. Men need to be men. Men are called by God to lead their wives and children. God designed them that way. In today’s society, women have become very dominant. Men are made fun of and looked upon as the “dumber” sex. It is actually quite sad to watch a sitcom these days when looking at it through the eyes of the spirit. Men are a laughing stock rather than men of honor!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe women are important and should be treated fairly. If a woman is working she should get paid accordingly and women should have rights in society. However, in the home the husband is the leader. The husband should be honored, respected, revered. He should BE the king of his castle. When we take that role from them we are destroying who God created them to be.

It is not easy to be led by someone–especially when you have a strong will. Even though it is not easy, it is what you and I were called to do as wives. God did not design us to lead the family. He designed us to help the leader. I think what makes it so hard for women to allow their husbands to lead is that they think the role of leader is better than helper.


  1. candaceland says

    Thank you for sharing this. It is confirmation of a word the Lord sent me this morning!! I’ve recommited my life to Christ and trying to become what God called me to be which is a Help Meet. Thanks again


  1. Helper says:

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