3 Practical Ways to Put Submission into Action

Let your husband Lead

Allow the man to make decisions without giving him grief at every turn–or adding your two cents all the time.

Obviously if the issue is serious and you feel GOD leading you to express your disagreement with your husband’s decision, then by all means–tell him respectfully. HOWEVER, failure or not–let him LEAD. God WILL take care of you. He WILL bless you for falling into YOUR ROLE.

When he expresses his feelings on a subject–yield

This can be tough. Maybe your husband has different views financially or how you are raising your children, or whatever. Unless what they want goes against God’s Word, yield. It will save you stress and allow GOD to work in your husband.

Remember, we are their help meets. When we are NOT in our proper role we are not helping them. When we DO get in alignment with what God’s Word says, it softens our husbands to the voice of the Lord. They are able to hear His instructions more easily, because YOU have been helping keep the mental junk out of their minds.

Do not push issues

Whatever the issue; you want something, you want him to be a better spiritual leader, you want him to pray more, you want…you want…YOU want. Hush. Take it to Daddy. Leave it there. Be a help meet to your husband.

Take care of the things that matter to him said and unsaid – Clean the house. Make dinner regularly. Clean the house. Make sure he has time to unwind after work. Clean the House. Get dressed and make yourself look pretty for him daily. Clean the house. Make sure his things are organized and easy for him to find. Clean the house. Adapt yourself to your husband. Oh, and did I mention Clean the House! It DOES matter to them no matter what they say!

Let go of all you know!

Forget what your Mom taught you (unless it was Biblically correct). Forget what the culture says. Forget what your SELFish mind says. Forget the movies, magazines, and bologna that the world teaches us about what a wife should be.

Forget all of it and remember this:

Then Peter and the apostles replied, We must obey God rather than men. – Acts 5:29

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