{continued from "Mommy Syndrome"} Let me point something out that you may not have realized before… Do you remember what Jesus called the Holy Spirit? A Helper. A helper is a very significant role. Without a wise helper, our husbands are unable to lead properly. They need us. We need them. The problem is no one wants to submit to his or her role. There are many husbands who quietly allow their wives to lead them around like little puppy dogs. They do whatever their wives tell them to … [Read more...]

Mommy Syndrome

In Genesis 2:18 God defined our roles as wives with the words “help meet.” However, many of us struggle with a problem that I like to call: Mommy Syndrome. Mommy Syndrome is when the wife takes on the role of Mother to her husband. Unfortunately, this occurs many times with no objection from the husband. He develops an “Ahab” mentality--apathetic. Let’s compare Mother and Help Meet A Mother Scolds Corrects Lectures Reprimands Shows dominance Makes rules Expects obedience A Mother also … [Read more...]

3 Practical Ways to Put Submission into Action

Let your husband Lead Allow the man to make decisions without giving him grief at every turn--or adding your two cents all the time. Obviously if the issue is serious and you feel GOD leading you to express your disagreement with your husband’s decision, then by all means--tell him respectfully. HOWEVER, failure or not--let him LEAD. God WILL take care of you. He WILL bless you for falling into YOUR ROLE. When he expresses his feelings on a subject--yield This can be tough. Maybe your … [Read more...]